Advantages of stepper motor planetary gearbox

Gearboxes are usually divided into ordinary gearboxes, worm gear reducers, cycloid pinwheel reducers and planetary gearboxes. The planetary gearbox that best matches the stepper motor gearbox has the following advantages:

1. The transmission is large

Choosing a suitable planetary gearbox as a gear transmission scheme can achieve a large transmission ratio with the fewest gears. In the gear transmission application of planetary reduction box, the maximum transmission ratio can reach thousands. Moreover, even if the transmission ratio of the planetary gear transmission is large, the reduction box can still maintain the characteristics of compact structure and light weight. In addition, it can also realize the synthesis and decomposition of sports and various complex variable speed transmissions.

2. Smooth movement and strong impact resistance

The planetary gearbox uses multiple planetary gears with the same structure. These planetary gears are evenly distributed around the center wheel. Therefore, the moments of the planetary gear and the rotating arm can be balanced with each other. During coaxial deceleration, multiple teeth participate in meshing transmission, so the planetary gear transmission is stable, shock resistant, vibration resistant, and stable and reliable.

3. The planetary gearbox has higher transmission efficiency

The gear transmission structure of the planetary reduction box is symmetrical, that is, it has several symmetrically distributed planetary gears, and the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm shaft are balanced with each other, thereby improving the transmission efficiency. Choose the transmission type correctly and arrange the structure reasonably, and its efficiency value can reach 0.99.

4, the planetary gearbox has a compact structure

The gear transmission structure of the planetary reduction box has uniform power distribution, and the coaxial transmission of each center wheel and the reasonable distribution of meshing gears make the structure very compact. Since a plurality of planetary gears are evenly distributed around the center wheel to share the load, the load on each gear is smaller, and the planetary gears can use a smaller modulus, and the gearbox can carry a larger torque.

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