Stepper motor application

The main application of stepper motor:

1, Stepper motor is used in occasions with positioning requirements, such as: tufting machine table (hole positioning), packaging machine (positioning length), wire cutting table dragging. It can be used when positioning is involved.

2, Suitable for ATM machines, printers, plotters, cameras, spraying equipment, medical equipment, computer peripherals and mass storage equipment, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation, robotics and other fields, especially suitable for stable operation, Low noise, fast response, long service life, and high output torque.

3, Stepper motors are widely used in textile machinery and equipment. This type of stepping motor is characterized by low torque retention, fast response to frequent starts, low operating noise, stable operation, good control performance and low overall machine cost.


Case study:

1, Equipment that requires low speed: distributor

The dispenser mainly uses the XY platform to track the products to be processed. At work, the speed is low, so the equipment has higher requirements for the low-frequency vibration and noise of the motor. The device is usually used in a relatively quiet environment. At the same time, the accuracy of the allocation is relatively high. If there is a processing vibration problem, the processing effect will definitely be poor, so a stepping motor is applied to this equipment. better.

2, Need low-speed and high-speed equipment: engraving machine

In addition to stable low-speed processing characteristics, the engraving machine should also have high-speed processing capabilities. Ordinary motors and drivers are difficult to meet the requirements, and stepping motors have both of these characteristics.

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