Closed Loop Stepper Driver 0-8.0A 24-48VDC for Nema 17, 23, 24 Stepper Motor

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Where the stepper motor cannot meet the application, the closed-loop stepper becomes a choice that requires high performance and high reliability while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The system includes a two-phase stepper motor, a fully digital high-performance driver and an internal encoder. The encoder is used to monitor the position of the motor in real time and feed it back to the drive for real-time position correction. CL57T combines the best servo control algorithm and stepper motor driver technology, and provides unique functions and enhanced function solutions at a lower cost.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: CL57T
  • Manufacturer: Leadshine
  • Input voltage 24-48VDC, output peak current 0-8A
  • Closed-loop, eliminates loss of synchronization
  • No Tuning and always stable
  • Do not need a high torque margin
  • Broader operating speed range
  • Reduced motor heating and more efficient
  • Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
  • Protections for over-voltage, over-current and position following error

Electrical Specifications:

  • Output Peak Current: 0~8A
  • Input Voltage: +24~48VDC (Typical 36VDC)
  • Logic Signal Current: 7~16mA (Typical 10mA)
  • Pulse Input Frequency: 0~200kHz
  • Pulse Width: 2.5μS
  • Isolation Resistance: 500MΩ

Operating Environment(Tj = 25℃/77℉):

  • Cooling: Natural Cooling or Forced cooling
  • Environment: Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gases
  • Ambient Temperature: 0℃ - 65℃
  • Humidity: 40%RH-90%RH
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ - 50℃
  • Vibration: 10-50Hz / 0.15mm
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃ - 65℃
  • Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 116 x 69 x 26.5
  • Weight: Approx. 280g (9.9oz)
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